Äckliga Ögon



The biggest band since John Otway, Äckliga Ögon has toured with the likes of U2, Genesis, Ljudförbud & Rolling Stones (Charlie Watts once left the Stones to go join them, but was instantly fired for not being Äcklig). Their instantly recognizable sound and mind altering aesthetics has seeped into modern day culture like milk cartoons in fridges.

The musicals, movies and books (none of it available anywhere) based on the adventures of Phono Inbox I, Phono Inbox II & Phono Inbox III are too numerous to mention, there are at least two. They once famously recorded an album on a tiny piece of paper.

The mythical 7YD video.

Legendary ÄÖ logos.

Clockwise: ÄÖ themselves, ÄÖ coverband Svängiga Pupiller, ÄÖ managers  Kenny Fjärtgök & Ingen Lösst, the legendary 7 Year Delay Pedal


Äcklig banana, Äcklig dog.