About Zuw Hadde

ep 2 2017:18

Zuw Hadde is a place where all things Måns Wieslander converge. Nineteen fans in Colombus, Ohio and one lone stalker from New Mexico can´t be wrong – Måns Wieslander is a genius.

Some say Zuw Hadde is swedish-german-arabic for ”you had”. You will wonder who had what and when and why did anyone have it in the first place (and why did they lose it?). It´s OK. Others say it´s most certainly extraterrestrial and that the truth will be revealed by the time Zuw Hadde has descended upon that which will be formerly known as humanity. The bullies will expire first (in a  slow and painful manner), children, women, animals, Kate Bush, Joyce Carol Oates and a smaller group of males will be spared.

Ramblings about weird fiction, music and movies can also be found within these pages.

And who the hell is Måns?

Zuw Hadde welcomes you, Death Tetra does not.